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Testing Performance Measurements

Performance Measurements (KPI’s) are one of the most useful management tools available. Getting it right, is another matter. It’s easy to develop ways to measure performance but it’s harder to assess how those measures will drive Performance.

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Can You Make A Decision?

If you are like most Property and Facility Managers, you are inundated with data and information on a daily basis yet not much of it helps you make decisions.

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Focus on Management

The reality of the Facility and Property Management industry is that most managers and staff have strong technical skills but less experience and training in the management and business skills they need to fully benefit from their technical knowledge, improve their careers and benefit their employers. The need to focus on non-technical aspects of Facility […]

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I see a trend when talking with senior facility and property professionals about their processes and systems. The trend is a lack of visibility into crucial aspects of their costs and activities.

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Update your Contract Management

Have you updated your contract management yet? Contract management is moving from legal terms and specifications to an important tool between you and your service provider to ensure success.

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