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Facility Department Marketing Ideas

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Facilities Logo

This SuperGenie logo is one of several used by a French company to brand Facilities services.

Here are some of the things I’ve done or seen over the years to promote the Facilities Management department and services.

They won’t all be appropriate for every environment or organization, but you should implement some of them to raise your profile and influence in the organization.

  • Newsletters (via email or paper) (I have a 2 pager on developing them in my Linkedin profile for download, or email me and I can send it to you)
  • Semi-regular One on One meetings/coffee with the decision makers in each department – to understand their issues and see how you can help, show understanding and yet get your own messages across. Build an ally.
  • Decision maker summit where you invite the senior members of all the departments to a ½ day session where you update them on activities and invite group discussion/input from them on specific issues. Feed them and give them info of value and you are more likely to get them to come.
  • Posters / brochures with info on how to reach you, services, etc.
  • Stickers with your help desk number.
  • Develop your own logo to brand all your communications so it’s clear that it’s from you and is easily recognized.
  • Move your department to a more visible location – in the lobby or off a main corridor for instance with your logo on the door / entrance and easily accessed services. If you are in the basement, it’s time to move!
  • Meet & Greet for building occupants – usually for coffee in the lobby during the first few hours of the day when most staff come to work. Have coffee & donuts for them if possible, we also got free papers from the newspaper to distribute and have handed out enviro products such as mugs to kick off a campaign. Have some displays on energy, projects, furniture, etc. and your staff/suppliers there to talk (have your talking points)
  • Building Tour for occupants – set a day each year to give occupants a tour of the mechanical systems of the building. Have your staff/tech’s talk about how it works – use it as an opportunity to discuss system limitations and issues so they understand more and may complain less.

The key thing is to always know your purpose, establish your message and talking points and make sure it gets across. And most of all, have fun!

If you have other ideas and examples, please be sure to leave a reply.

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  1. Dave says:

    This is a great list Michel, completely agree. It always surprises me when I talk to friends of mine, tell then that I work in the FM industry and then ask then if they know what it is, who know the FM at their company and 9 times out of 10 they don’t.

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