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10 of the Greatest Perks to Entice Talented Employees

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As a facility manager, you can do things to help your organization entice and retain talented employees. Don't wait for HR to approach you about this, take the initiative to recommend these perks and demonstrate your value to the organization you work for.

Of course you should make sure they are efficient and cost-effective like all your services while providing a  great working environment for employees in your organization.

Making both senior management and employees happy while maintaining a budget can be tricky, but there is a way to strike that balance without breaking the bank.

Evaluate the types of benefits and perks your company offers employees. Great incentives will give you the most talented employees and keep your existing employees happy, which increases productivity.

But what about that budget? As it turns out, money isn’t the most important thing to job seekers. Sure, they need to make a living wage and maintain their lifestyles, but there are other job perks that are just as important.

That’s good news. Even better news is many of those perks can be offered at little to no cost. This infographic features 10 of the top incentives employers are offering.

If you can convince your organization to provide flexible schedules or work from home options, employees won’t have to take as much time off for appointments or emergencies such as a sick child or home repair issue. This saves your company money on finding a temporary replacement or possible overtime to pick up the slack.

Providing free or subsidized food quells employees’ appetite, which makes them more productive since they aren’t thinking about their hunger. It also enables them to eat on site instead of going out for a bite, which reduces the chances of employees being tardy from their lunch breaks. In addition, you also could help employees eat better by providing healthy options.

Of course what types of perks you offer will be based on your budget, but be sure to consider possible savings that will come from the benefits. You could be surprised to find the savings outweigh the costs.

Here are some of the workplace incentives you could consider either implementing yourself or recommending to your organization:

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