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Using Satisfaction as a proxy for Office Productivity

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Some time ago, I encountered a great case study about a proxy for office productivity. A colleague had an interesting example that points to the link between the office layout, furniture, finishes and productivity. No he doesn’t have a magic formula to measuring productivity - this example uses ‘employee satisfaction’ as a proxy. 
He regularly uses surveys to gauge the satisfaction of employees with their office accommodations. The example involves two office towers in Montreal. One building was corporately owned and managed while the other was a leased building managed by the landlord. Satisfaction surveys had consistently shown the leased building at a higher satisfaction level than the owned building, which seemed to correlate with the widely held notion that many services in leased buildings are better than those in corporately owned and managed facilities.

Eventually, reorganizations provided an opportunity to reduce leased space, and two thirds of the staff in the leased building were relocated to the owned building. The move was an opportunity to use new layouts, designs and systems furniture in the new space.

When the next customer satisfaction survey was conducted and the results reviewed, there was a surprising change. The satisfaction results for the leased building actually decreased, while the level of satisfaction in the owned building increased and even exceeded the leased building’s results. The Facilities personnel, processes, resources and overall service hadn't changed in the owned building.

My colleague tells me that this sudden change took them by surprise, and when they started to assess the results and analyze the possible reasons for the change, they could only come to one conclusion.

The change in furniture with newly designed space complete with fresh colours and finishes increased the satisfaction of the employees who relocated from the leased building to the owned building. Even more interestingly, those left behind in the leased building with older furniture, layouts and finishes were less satisfied than they had ever been, likely because their fellow workers in the owned building now had the newest and best office space while theirs had not changed.

Admittedly, there is debate about the extent employee satisfaction has a great deal of impact on office productivity, however I think we all can recognize that a positive envirionment to work in will improve results. This example shows the change that can result from implementing new layouts, furniture and finishes.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    Great blog and good information here. I am a 30 year veteran of the PM/FM industry. It has been my driving desire to create online tools for our industry since I realized what the power of databases and the internet can do for all of us. Automation and the internet are opening up such great opportunities for all of us. Just this week my first mini-project beta was launched. It came from this exact issue you described here. What are people thinking? Are they people tenants, staff, clients, community groups, boards, organizations, etc. As PM/FM people we are the leaders of many of the communities and we really need to put customer service upfront! This beta is called and it permits FREE polls and surveys. I need the PM/FM industries feedback on this so I can make it work for all of us. Just use it and leave me suggestions and feedback so it can be massaged. This is our very own tool! Finally! I am proud to say I am a PM/FM professional who has taken on the challenge to deliver on so many things we need. I figured the questions and trends were of the utmost importance to us right now with our rapidly changing world. How will I move ahead without the polls to ask all of you what you want!! Please be creative and view some of the polls added just in the 2 days of the launch.
    Thanks and have a great 4th of July.
    Linda Day Harrison, CPM, CCIM
    Owner of PFMI Group on

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